We go to great lengths to ensure our products come from legally harvested and well-managed forests or plantation resources.


Timber is one of the most versatile construction products available due to its ability to absorb carbon during its lifetime and also the wide range of species that are available. It is also readily recyclable. We are, however very aware as a company of the issues that can surround timber - specifically that of illegal logging and the damage that this impacts on the biodiversity and the indigenous people in the areas in which it takes place.

For this reason, we work closely with the Timber Trade Federation to ensure we implement a robust due diligence system in order to remove the risk of our supply chain contributing to the world’s deforestation. We have chosen not to market certain species following the recommendations of CITES or the ICUN’s red list.


As well as meeting the regulation standards, our high performance products and systems enhance the sustainability of your building projects in many ways. Acoustic boards provide sound insulation and enhance the conditions required in our buildings and homes. Fire boards contribute to safety as well as building durability. Impact boards meet the severe duty ratings required in public areas, reducing maintenance and promoting durability. Thermal boards contribute to the conservation of energy and C02 emissions.

Though constant innovation our range includes boards with enhanced features and performance to minimise the volume used on site


We have set ourselves a series of in-house targets to save water, reduce our waste to landfill and our carbon footprint. Our fleet of commercial vehicles have improved low emissions too. We constantly review this to ensure we remain a trusted supplier of good sustainable products.


The European Timber Regulations (EUTR) came into force in March 2013. This is designed to prohibit the trade of illegally logged timber within the European Union. Importers who bring timber products into the European Union are required to collect relevant information on products and to carry out a due diligence process to reduce the risk of placing illegal timber on the European Union market. All our panels purchased and sold conform to EUTR.


Since July 2013, any products solid into the construction sector must meet the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) legislation to demonstrate its performance. We only buy structural and flame retardant panels from manufacturers that can demonstrate compliance with CPR. This is your proof that the structural and flame retardant panels that you purchase will ultimately perform as declared. Full CE Marking information along with declarations of performance are available on request.


Our premium products are imported from Indonesia; a country comprised of well over 13,000 islands with over 91 million hectares of forest cover. In the past, Indonesia’s resources have suffered at the hands of deforestation, however recent changes in forest legislation and governance have began to tackle one of the main causes of deforestation - illegal logging.

Indonesia is the first country in the World ti complete the process of a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union, legally obligating the country to implement a licensing scheme to regulate take in timber and timber products. Currently, this means that all timber exported from Indonesia has to be fully traceable and certified under Indonesia’s countrywide timber legality assurance scheme SVLK

All timber products certified under SVLK and exported from Indonesia are now FLEGT Licensed as of November 2016. A FLEGHT Licence is currently the only licence that ensures full, verifiable compliance with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR)


We are committed to acting responsibility in all our business practices through making sound decisions which take social, economic and environmental factors into account. We want to be part of a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain, sourcing and delivering worldwide and choosing business partners who share our company values and targets.

Our values underpin everything we do. People matter, the well-being of our employees us crucially important to us and we continue to build long term business partnerships and long lasting relationships with our supply chain based on our fundamental principles.

We have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, which is reflected in our policies and controls on Ethical Trading throughout our product supply chain. With over 30 product suppliers based worldwide, some of whom we have been working with for more than 10 years, we have established strong business partnerships. We will continue to nurture these relationships and remain true to our values.