European Birch Plywood

We stock a range of Birch plywoods all suitable for precision engineered use.

Birch panels are not made from one solid piece of wood, but rather multiple layers, or plies of veneer. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the panel, its intended application, and the manufacturer's specifications and processes. The two outermost layers are referred to as the face and back veneers, while the inner plies are referred to as the core.

Birch trees are the ultimate renewable resource with virtually every part of the tree being utilised. From the bark that is used for canoes - to the sap that’s used for wine - nothing is wasted. It is characterised by it’s excellent strength and precision. Birch has been used for high quality plywood in construction, furniture, vehicle building and today’s hi-tech wind turbine blades and insulation boxes for LNG carriers.

From an environmental perspective, Birch is an abundant species found in the forests of Northern European countries like Finland, Latvia and Russia. Birch Species are relatively fast growing and support various wildlife. We purchase from sustainable resources to allow this not to impinge on the natural biodiversity.