Panel Products

We offer a wide range of engineered and technical wood products for construction professionals.

With a wide range of technical panels available, we believe our premium quality wood based products offers solutions for most construction, industrial and distribution professionals.

Forging partnerships with well known suppliers is important to us. This allows us to establish trust with the knowledge that we are getting the latest products in today’s market. We have established excellent networks within the timber industry worldwide allowing us to continually research and source new species, products and ranges ensuring the best quality lines to choose from.

Our team have accumulated decades of experience and expertise making us well place to act as your trusted advisor. Roofing, wall and floor construction require specific panels in todays high build standards. Moisture Resistant and low-formaldehyde panels are available for roof construction in various conditions. From load-bearing walls to floors that guarantee maximum bearing strength we have it covered.

Our panel products are manufactured in compliance of the relevant technical standards, where they are required to be CE Marked, they are supported with the necessary documentation to demonstrate products conform to the harmonised technical specification EN 13986.  CE Marking is a fit for purpose and not a quality mark - both customers and users can be reassured that they are selecting a product which is CE marked to the performance level which is suitable for the intended end use.