Product Overview

A high performance dense cementitious product designed for exterior and interior applications. It provides unparalleled resistance to fire, water, mould and pests. It is a toxin free panel manufactured from inorganic raw materials. It’s also not harmful to human health and it does not off-gas. Produced with a low energy manufacturing process, CEM-ROCK EXTREME actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its exothermic curing process.

It represents a quantum shift in fire wall and fire suppression technology. Water that is chemically bound into the board during the manufacturing process is released during a fire event helping to contain and minimise fire and smoke spread.

Certified Class A1
Thickness 6MM / 9MM / 12MM / 15MM / 18MM / 20MM
Size 2400 X 1200 / 2440 X 1200 / 3050 X 1200
Cem-Roc Pro