Bonded Products

We can construct multi-element panels from a full range of components.

The products and solutions we create have and continue to revolutionise the construction sector. With years of experience, we work closely with our customers requirements to ensure they get their projects completed to their high standards within budget.

The research we do on our products allows us to create innovative solutions and add real value to the end product. We believe this gives our customers the edge and contributes to the business and commercial success. All of our products are trialled and tested to ensure  complete product performance.

Our controlled process utilises the latest bonding technology. The rapid bond and press machine’s provide an accurate automated glue application to substrates followed with compressed high end rollers. Our solvent-free based contact adhesives are ideal for applications where an instant permanent bond is required with only roller pressure to consolidate the bond. Each individual panel is scrutinised for quality, ensuring that they reach the customer with the highest possible bond and strength. 

Utilising our knowledge of plywood, we have worked with major mills in the world to construct a purpose built overlay plywood that gives us a solid foundation to achieve strict tolerances required for our bonded panels. Magnesium Oxide Boards offers a lot of adaptable solutions for customers looking for increased performance in their project.

From the latest premium steel’s to high pressure laminates we are confident we have the right components for the project in-hand. Our innovative approach is second to none.