Coniferous Softwood Plywood

We stock a comprehensive range of softwood plywoods all tested for their mechanical performance.

Softwood Plywood is a strong thin board of wood, normally comprised of three or more layers glued on top of one another with alternating grains. Due to it being engineered, through the perpendicular graining, it is more hardwearing and long-lasting than normal wood. Softwood Plywood is made from pine or spruce species and generally used in construction and industrial applications where its mechanical function is more important than its appearance.

Spruce products are excellent construction panels. They are ideal for both interior and exterior construction work and any other application which requires strength, dimensional stability and lightweight versatility. Manufactured from a long-grained, homogenous Nordic conifer with straight fibres the panels fulfil the strictest requirements set on wood based materials. 

We work with well established selected mills and make regular visits to ensure we maintain consistent quality and supply.